New Media Arts

New Media Arts Department was established in 2006. It emphasizes the organic combination of Chinese theatre culture and national artistic traditions with creative design and new media arts. This department emphasizes the cultivation of students' practical and innovative abilities, by setting up rich and colorful topical workshops and major-relevant studios. It features the Experimental and Academic Centre, with complete facilities, and many practical and academic bases off campus.

BA Program (4 years)

Digital Media Art

Visual Communication Design



MA Program (Research Postgraduate)(3 years)

Theatre, Film and Television Study (Research on Visual Design and Media Arts)

Theatre, Film and Television Study (Research on Animation in Chinese Theatre)

Theatre, Film and Television Study (Research on Painting in Chinese Theatre)

MA Program(Taught Postgraduate)(3 years)

Chinese Theatre Study (Visual Design and Media Arts)

Chinese Theatre Study (Animation in Chinese Theatre)