The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts is the top institution dedicated to higher education, research and artistic creation in Chinese theatre (戏曲,Xiqu) and to public service and international communication, renowned both in and out of China because of our educational system of cultivating the artistic elites, with unique and exceptional characteristics.

Growing out of the Experimental School of Chinese Theatre Arts founded in 1950 by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Central Government of China, our academy got the name NACTA in 1978. The first president was Tian Han,one of the founders of modern Chinese theatre. Since 1950, we has been playing a significant role in the cause of promoting prosperity of Chinese theatre arts and culture, and establishing a network of tens of thousands of accomplished alumni who are able to take their places as leaders in performing troupes, institutions of theatrical research and education, dramatic writing, costumes industry and cross-media communication both at home and abroad.

With the spirit demonstrated in our motto “prospering in morality and the arts, carrying forward the tradition and defining the future”, we establish twelve educational divisions: Beijing Opera  Department, Performing Arts Department (of local operas in Chinese theatre), Directing Department, Music Department, Dramatic Writing Department, Stage Design Department, New Media Arts Department, International Cultural Communication Department, Political Science Department, Physical Education Department, Continuing Education Department (Education Centre of Chinese Theatre Arts) and High School of Chinese Theatre Arts (affiliated to NACTA). We provide 27 undergraduate programs (B.A.) as well as 24 postgraduate programs (research postgraduate) and 18 ones (taught postgraduate) to students around the world. Apart from these programs, we have developed many joint education and artistic practice opportunities with partner universities. In 2009, we established the first Chinese Theatre Confucius Institute with Binghamton Universtiy, U.S.A. This CI is the jewel in the crown of collaboration between the two institutions. We are also working closely with some CIs in the U.K. in art teaching . Our reach is global.

Located in the CBD in south Beijing, we have a family of 428 full-time faculty and staff and scores of distinguished scholars and artists engaged as visiting teachers, creating a diverse learning environment. With the shared commitment to fulfilling the potential of each individual, the family at NACTA ensures our students are nurtured to be the best they can be.