Art Management and Cultural Exchange

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The Department of Art Management and Cultural Exchange, established in 2022, evolved from the Department of International Cultural Communication founded in 2012. It is the first department in China dedicated to cultivating talents for the international dissemination of traditional Chinese arts, with a focus on Chinese opera arts. The department currently offers programmes in International Cultural Communication, Theatre Management, and Art History and Art Theory. It has established two academic research institutions: the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and Management, and the Centre of Research and Translation for Chinese Opera. The department boasts a highly influential, well-educated, and international faculty, and has appointed distinguished scholars and industry experts from both home and abroad as visiting professors, forming a high-end teaching team with a diverse cultural background and distinct industry characteristics.

The department maintains strong collaborative relationships with several overseas institutions and regularly conducts student exchange programs and overseas study tours. It has established teaching practice and research bases in cooperation with Beijing Performing Arts Group, China Oriental Performing Arts Group, and Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center. Additionally, it collaborates with China Performing Arts Agency Development Co., Ltd. to train theatre management professionals, and partners with Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchange Center on curriculum development and practical projects. The department also engages in multi-level cooperation with China Arts and Entertainment Group and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's China International Cultural Exchange Center, providing high-end practical platforms for faculty and students.

Through high-level, comprehensive talent cultivation, the Department of Art Management and Cultural Exchange promotes the international dissemination of outstanding traditional Chinese culture, represented by Chinese opera, and facilitates global multicultural artistic and cultural exchanges.